• "De Senart Aquarium", Paris, France.
    Largest aquarium in the French speaking world.

  • "Toronto Underwater World", Toronto, Canada.
    Largest aquarium in Canada.

  • "Prague Underwater World", Prague, Budapest.

  • "Kintex Aquarium", Seoul, South Korea. Largest aquarium in South Korea.

  • "Bentong Aquarium & Sanctuary Park", Bentong Malaysia.
    Largest aquarium complex in South Korea.

  • "Tangiers Dome", Tangiers, Morocco.
    Underwater Observatorium & Rainforest Journey for the Tangiers World Expo Bid.

  • "Bentong Safari Park", Bentong, Malaysia.
    Largest drive through zoo in South East Asia.

  • "Rabat Aquarium & Maritime Museum", Rabat, Morocco.
    The Natural & Human histories of the Moroccan Coast with special enforces on the pirate heritage of the region.

  • "Grand Aquarium of Casabianca", Casabianca, Morocco.
    Largest aquarium & marine mammal exhibit in North African region.

  • "port Dickson Aquarium", Port Dickson, Malaysia.
    Coastal aquarium facility in South East Asia & the largest underwater of observatorium/rainforest in the World.

  • "Aquaria @ KLCC", Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    Pole 2 Pole Arctic Adventure Exhibit, Past to Present Historical Journey from dinosaurs to modern day aquatic species, Dugongs "Mermaids of the Sea" & "Forest Friends" Other display.

  • Other project information on request.