Ashley Scivyer
Managing Director
  Thank you for visiting Australian Aquatica. Do go through our website in order to get to know us better. I hope you find what you are looking for here and look forward to the pleasure of working with you in the near future. If you have any queries, or simply would just like to establish contact, we'd be glad to hear from you - just drop us an email or give us call.  
  Australian Aquatica is a relatively new small company in the aquarium construction industry. Removing the huge cost associated in keeping a large company & allowing us to adapt to the clients needs & enables us to reduce the costs which become project savings.

Having said this our diverse devoted professional staff have more than 80 years of combine experience in producing & managing the most exciting, innovative, income producing, educational facilities for displaying animals in natural, safe, all wheather, iconic buildings.

Working closely with local architects we are capable of developing individual facilities, tailor made suit existing building or new facilities.

With a long line of international project experience we are able to adapt creative ideas which bridge the cultural & age gaps.

Streamline facility production allows tha fast tracking od projects meaning investors gain returns in the fasters available period.

Operating globally Australian Aquatica has proven that it is capable of producing any animal or aquatic theme park, partial or turnkey operation with innovative concepts & construction methods efficient project management and timely turnover.

The combination of in-house staff experience and long standing affiliation with other reputable companies, we offer a complete ranges of services which cover all aspects of facility production, whether it is concept or turnkey completion with on going facility management & operations. This allow Australian Aquatica to take you through a seamless transition from concept to an operating facility in the fastest, most painless & most economical manner.
  Our combined experience and expertise enables us to offer a range of design & construction ideas creating world-class, tailor-made facilities to suit your specific needs and location.

With our past achievements, Australian Aquatica continue to deliver world class facilities as can be seen by our current international project portfolio. Australian Aquatics is in the fore front of the tourism & leisure industries.

The fusion of many talented & experienced staff gives Australian Aquatica the platform to create & produce unique, dramatic, educational, interesting, enjoyable, living, animatronic, audio-visual, interactive & diorama styled exhibitory encapsulated in beautifully deisgned all weather, environmentally friendly and safe facilities.

Australian Aquatica has been in the business of design, developing, manufacturing and marketing systems & facilities around the world and is fast being recognised as a world leader in this field.

Our customers rely on our systems and services not only to provide innovative systems but also provide services that represent the best in price-performance facilities & projects globally.